Testing & Monitoring equipment for the solar energy industry

Through our partner brand, Entec Solar, we offer a range of innovative products for Testing & Monitoring of PV plants

Since the beginning of both companies we have worked closely with Entec Solar. QPV has provided their vast field and monitoring experience and Entec has provided their hardware development experience to develop innovative products for the solar energy industry.


Drastically reduce the time spent on O&M, commissioning, and quality control with Entec Solar’s E-1500 I-V curve tracer, all while maintaining the highest standards of measurement accuracy and high efficiency module measurement capability.

The smallest, lightest and fastest I-V curve tracer on the market, now up to 1,500V and 35A, measures bifacial modules with up to two albedo reference cells. 


E-Dust calculates soiling losses based on real power losses in PV plants, unlike traditional methods that rely solely on short-circuit current measurements.
By comparing peak power between clean and dirty photovoltaic modules, we determine optimal cleaning times with precision, addressing both non-uniform soiling and variations due to the sun’s incidence angle, in accordance with IEC61724-1.
All data is automatically processed and available on our online platform, allowing for easy daily, weekly, and yearly monitoring of these losses. The platform also identifies annual soiling patterns, facilitating strategic planning for cleaning campaigns

E-Ref/01 & E-Ref/03

Through the combined use of an E-Ref and a reference module, you can obtain the most precise measurement of the operating conditions of your PV power plants: effective irradiance, front and back irradiance, and cell temperature.

The E-ref measures the short-circuit current (ISC) and open-circuit voltage (VOC) of a reference module, calculates the corresponding irradiance and cell temperature values, and communicates them directly to SCADA via ModBus. It is available for monofacial (E-Ref/01) and bifacial (E-Ref/03) reference modules.

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