Reliable data and solar efficiency with our SCADA Technology

High data reliability and security with our SCADA technology

We assure data availability above 99,9%.

We adapt to any size and  technology of the sector,  finding solutions for your plant optimized in efficiency  and cost.

We offer all the functionalities of a SCADA together with the  integration with PVET Data  Analytics for a deeper analysis  of your plant.
This allows to achieve very high O&M efficiency,  controlling all elements of the  plant while focusing efforts on  critical points.

Our SCADA System

Our system enables agile, reliable and robust local and remote monitoring. It
guarantees the conservation and access to the plant’s operational information, always complying with the strictest security standards.

PPC Integration

PPC can be on its own hardware or integrated with the SCADA. This simplifies installation, maintenance and reduces costs.

Cyber security

We install the highest quality firewalls and security protocols. Your data is always safe with us.

Cloud synchronization

SCADA servers and databases enhance on-site management, while synchronizing with remote analytics for efficient central O&M.

SCADA platform

This platform consists of several screens that facilitate the navigation of the plant's information and allow operators to monitor its status and manage alarms.

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Ensure high data availability and security with our SCADA system

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Consulting / Testing

Our ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory and expert consultancy services.

Cutting Edge Data Analytics for PV plants.

Specific Scada system for PV plants with our own PPC.

Entec’s line of products for
solar energy industry.

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