QPV has the first laboratory in Europe accredited to measure in the field, the entire generation chain of PV plants

We are very pleased to announce that our test laboratory has been recognized as the first in Europe to be accredited to measure the entire PV power generation chain in the field.
First laboratory in Europe

Madrid, April 22, 2024 – Our company, a leader in quality control services for photovoltaic power plants, proudly announces that its Testing Laboratory has been the first in Europe to obtain ISO 17025 accreditation for the field measurement of the entire generation chain of a photovoltaic installation.

The importance of advanced quality controls

Photovoltaic power plants have undergone a rapid evolution in the last decade, driving the need for more comprehensive quality control, in search of compliance with supply guarantees and anticipation of future anomalies. Recent studies (Solar Generation Index 2022, kWh Analytics), reveal that PV plants are producing up to 8% less than expected, due to factors including:

– Differences between the actual performance of equipment in the field and its theoretical operation.

– Operating losses due to defects or anomalies.

A key element to guarantee the correct operation of a power plant is the performance of advanced quality controls that allow the characterization of all its components during their useful life, are adapted to the new technological realities, and are capable of directly determining the performance of the equipment under real operating conditions. The objective of such controls is twofold:

– To reduce risks by anticipating the occurrence of failures.

– To ensure that initial generation expectations are met.

Advantages for the solar photovoltaic industry

The ISO 17025 accreditation of the QPV Testing Laboratory is a milestone consolidating our commitment to take quality control to a new level. This distinction allows us to offer our customers the maximum quality guarantee in the measurement of the entire generation chain of a photovoltaic installation, from the calibration of sensors for measuring operating conditions to PR and energy yield tests, including the quality control of modules, strings, generators, and inverters.

To achieve this goal, we have carefully adapted the fundamental standards in the quality control of photovoltaic equipment to apply them in real operating conditions. This initiative responds to our in-depth understanding of the complexities of actual plant operation, where anomalies appear that are not detectable in the factory or require subsequent follow-ups, such as defects generated in transport or assembly; premature aging and degradation; infant and juvenile mortality of components; below-expected efficiencies; or operational limitations.

Our comprehensive approach ensures both early detection of failures and compliance with expectations. In monofacial and bifacial power plants. And anywhere in the world.

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